For an important costumer in the field of oxi – cutting, Laser – cutting and plate bending,   SERTOM delivered a rolling machine with variable axis completely taylored and designed on costumer needs.

Costumer specifications were very clear:



→  Avoid machine downtime as much as possible.

→ Use only top brands for commercial components.

→ Special training of one week for cones production.

→ Capacity of bending Stainless Steel.





For increase the reliability of our machines,  SERTOM always use a standard protocol:

  • The reduction gear was calculated for infinite life: the assessment of infinite time fatigue strenght is commonly used for SERTOM machines. Our rolling machines are studied for experiencing very large number of load cycles or a long service life.
  • We use only forged roller. after being forged, roller are quenched and tempered. Customer wants to rolling also plates of Stainless so we induction hardened the roller. The induction hardened is very important when you want to rolling the Stainless steel, because with this treatment you can preserve the Stainless steel surface from inclusion of calamine and other material.
  • With our adaptive taper of the roller, we are able to do very small diameter which allows to obtain plates without defect and with a constant angle between the center and the edge.

Thanks to the Industry 4.0 hardware and software package, it allows you to collect important production and material data. This data is then sent to the factory management system to assist in process decisions. Thanks to these features and a network of sensors, the machine can be included in the tax benefits for the Smart Factory.