DEA 3R machine is an hydraulic plate roll 3 rolls with complete pre-bending and variable axis.
Currently our engineers can adapt this versatile machine to each particular request of the customer, making it fully customized. Indeed, the DEA 3R is a machine suitable for every production requirement of our customers, such as special steel plates, pre-tension plate rolls, and the need of NC control. DEA 3R is a very special machine because it has the bottom rolls that move on a horizontal axis and regardless to each other with variable steps, and at the same time the motorized roll top, moves on a vertical axis, and this allows it to work, thanks to its high flexibility, at the same time both as a 4 rolls machine, vertical or planetary guides.


The NEW DEA 3R 30-40 is in stock and can be your in less than a month:


Rolls table length: mm 3100

Top roll diameter: mm 540

Side rolls diameter: mm 490



Calculated considering steel plate with yield strength 260 N/mm², tensile strength 400 N/mm².


Max. working plate width: mm 3000

Pre-bending thickness (at 1.5 times top roll): mm 35

Pre-bending thickness (at 5 times top roll): mm 40


Max. working plate width mm 3000

Rolling thickness (at 1.5 times top roll): mm 48

Rolling thickness (at 5 times top roll): mm 53