Pre-tension bending machine

Sertom P.B. projected these special machines in two different lines for the tube production used as poles, water lines, gas lines etc. The spirit of this line is a new pre-tension bending machine able to bend tubes of 6 meters length by a minimum ID of 350 mm and a thickness of 10-12 mm in very short time.

The line is made of a DEA 3R bending machine or a DEA 4R bending machine that can both be provided with:

  • an automatic loading system for the plate (packed plates),
  • an unloading system for the finished tube,
  • a pre-bending machine and a special tube handler to the in–line welding station.

The results of the complete line are exceptional for the pre-bending precision and furthermore for the high production capacity.


  • In feeding system with dimensions 5 m by 6 m for plates of max 15 mm
  • Loading system for plates of 15 mm x 6 m width x 5 m length with vacuum loading system
  • Motorized rollway to accommodate the tube after the bending phase with dimensions. 7 m by 1,5 m complete with a tubes turning system
  • Rollway to accommodate the tube after the post-bending phase with dimensions. 7 m by 1,5 m
  • Hydraulic post-bending machine for the two tube edges from a diameter of 600 mm up to 1600 mm (four sets of tools are included).