4 rolls machine very sturdy and accurate, with lateral rolls that move on rectilinear guides.

Its strength is totally assisted by a perfect precision, indeed, thanks to its electronic system designed especially for the work of this type of machine, DEA 4R ensures maximum precision both in the pre-bending and in bending phases.

All the operations of the machine are leaded by the most recent model of PLC and on customers request, we can provide a last-generation and knowable user CNC.

«Classical» 4 rolls plate bending machine:

  • Thanks to a very strong design and to the side rolls with linear movement (A.K.A. Pyramidal style) this plate bending machine is very easy to use and allows a great variety of control, from the manual (standard) to NC or CNC for repetitive applications such as Stainless Steel, that is the main material with even mechanical properties.
  • The plate is pinched between the Top and Pinching roll in every production step.
  • Thanks to the Pinching Roll this kind of plate bending machine can work from thin plates up to thicker one, depending on the mechanical light between Top and Pinching rolls.


  • Fully electronic – hydraulic machine
  • All rolls are placed on bearings on orientable double crown of rolls
  • N° 2 motorized rolls by 2 planetary gear units + 2 hydraulic motors
  • Rectilinear guides system for lateral and bottom rolls translation
  • Bottom and lateral rolls with independent positioning system
  • Rolls in special carbon steel C45-C50 forged and hardened and quenched
  • Electronic tilting of the rolls for conical production
  • N° 2 preset rolls rotation speeds, pre-selectable with selector
  • Electronic balancing system on the rolls (with regulation automatically checked by PLC SIEMENS)
  • The machine is pre-set with an operative Touch Panel type SIEMENS KTP 1200 PN, with coloured display of 12”.
  • Automatic compensation speed/pressure between top roll and bottom rolls
  • Hydraulic unit consisting of motor pump groups, solenoid valves, max pressure by-pass valve to guarantee overload protection properly located in only one manifold block to avoid oil leaking and pressure drops
  • Hydraulic components Bosch – Rexroth, Hawe, Parker e Hydac or equivalent
  • Hydraulic drop end opening to allow produced tube removal in horizontal position
  • Automatic centralised lubrication with pre-settable cycles from the touch panel
  • All controls conveniently located on an independent control console
  • Low voltage at the controls on mobile control Panel
  • Electric components Siemens or equivalent
  • Warning and diagnostic visualization on the display in order to show all the running anomalies
  • Electric motors to power the hydraulic pumps
  • Mechanical pre arrangements for lateral and top Supports
  • System to check and drive PLC via modem
  • Air cooling system
  • Safety device with immediate stop of all movement
  • Standard working temperature: (+15°, +35°)
  • Machine manufactured according to the “CE, UL or CSA” rules certified
  • Instruction manual

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