Flanging machine & Dishing Line

The flanging machine model PBF is an hydraulic machine designed for the production of edges on the bottom of the tank flat or crowned with or without central hole.

The machine is fully hydraulic and has a forming roll (flanging roll) that allows to work with different edge radius of sheet metal.

It also is provided with a last-generation mobile control panel that reduces the controls to essentials for simple use by the operator.

  • The Flanging Machine is formed by a basic structure and a top structure made of electro-welded steel plates, thermally treated for welding stress.

The two structures are assembled and welded in order to obtain a very sturdy, complex and stable structure during flanging.

  • The hydraulic system is composed of: motor pump unit, oil tank equipped with filter (with anti-clogging signal), level gauge, thermostat, oil-water heat exchanger and group of valves and solenoid valves for the correct machine operating and safety. Hydraulic components are supplied by: Bosch-Rexroth, Vickers or brand of similar quality.
  • The electrical system is composed of a main board, with the power and protection components and with the transformer. The electrical components are Siemens or similar quality brand.

The control panel is posizioned on the machine side so as to allow the operator to see very well the flanging area. It is complete with: starting key, emergency lights, joysticks and buttons for the correct and complete machine working, either manually or automatically.


  • Operative Touch Panel type SIEMENS TP177b, with display of 5,7”;
  • Movable hand-control panel with core functions.
  • Hydraulic motorization managing rolls rotation;
  • Air cooling system for hydraulic oil;
  • Swinging guide rolls adjustable in height to fit the bottom;
  • Head holder hydraulic cylinder adjustable in height;
  • Movable carriage for head holder cylinder;
  • Hydraulic top cylinder for head clamping;
  • Movable carriage for top cylinder clamping;
  • Metal telescopic protections for machine lower carriage;
  • Dial indicators for head holder position;
  • Automatic centralised lubrication with pre-settable cycles from the control panel;
  • All controls are suitably located on an independent control panel;
  • Flanging area lighting;
  • Safety device which, through a stop push-button, immediately stops all movements;
  • Machine manufactured according to the “CE or CSA or UL” regulations;
  • Instruction manual in English/Spanish/French/ German/Chinese language (it depends on the country) complete with hydraulic and electric sketches, foundation drawing and all the necessary equipment for the machine installation.