Flanging and dishing line

Manipulator MPI is a complete hydraulic equipment with translating and rotating movements synchronized with the press piston and it is a support combined to the press for bottoms.

The Manipulator’s movements can be simultaneous or single and their logical sequence defines a cycle to perform bottoms for tanks starting from metal sheet discs.

All the control devices are centralized in a panel, consequently all the actions can be performed and checked by a single operator.


  • Nr 2 motorized rolls for plate rotation;
  • Option for synchronized or independent support arms movement;
  • Electrical components Siemens, Allen & Bradley or equivalent;
  • Hydraulic part consisting of motor pump group, solenoid valves, max pressure by-pass valve to guarantee overload safety;
  • Preset counter for rotation angle
  • Preset counter for quantity of pressings in the different positions.
  • All controls suitably positioned on an independent and moveable control panel;
  • Low voltage at the controls on the control panel, 24VDC;