Hydraulic profile bending machine standard or with variable geometry


Three-roll bending machine for sections and tubes, double initial pinch style (non-symmetrical roll design): stationary upper roll, in-dependently adjustable lower rolls.

Functional specifications:

The side rolls are powered by means of a hydraulic motor coupled to a planetary reduction-gear. The central roll is directly controled by the hydraulic motor by means of a clutch.

Transfer rolls by means of hydraulic cylinders for positioning and moving, in order to bend the section.

No. 2 Side straighteners, positioned near the side rolls, with the possibility of modifying the position according to 3 axes. Furthermore the straighteners are equipped with 2 correction rolls, manually adjustable, to oppose the torsion of some kind of sections, during the bending operation.

No. 2 Digital readouts to check the rolls’ positions. The digital readouts are assembled on the control desk.

The frame is made on heavy steel construction, electro-welded, and thermally stress relieved.

The rolls are on special, induction-hardened steel. Each rolls is made up by different separate parts, whose combination allows to bend the magiority of the standard sections.

All the operations are carried out directly from the separate and movable control desk, low tension.

The machine can be tilted, in order to work both in vertical or horizontal position.


Hydraulic double pinch bending machine designed to bend sections and tubes. The section bending machine type PP VG is a machine which is different from the traditional three roll section bending machines, thanks to its revolutionary geometry. In fact the side rolls can translate horizontally and independently from one another with variable pitch, while the top roll can translave vertically. All three rolls are motorized. Thanks to this special geometry, our machine can work as pyrami-dal or asymmetric one.

The variable geometry will allow us to have:

Great versatility of the machine (increasing the interaxis between the side rolls we can roll bigger thicknesses, decreasing it smaller thicknesses);

The flat part is minimised to minimum.

Functional specifications:

Three driving rolls

Bending rolls with independent hydraulic adjustment for prebending of the leading and the trailing edge of profile

Two speeds for adjustment of bending rolls: fast approach at high speed and accurate final positioning at slow speed

Infinitely variable profile feeding speed

Lateral guide rolls with three-directional movement (axial, radial, angular) and hydraulic adjustment, complete with anti-twisting cam roller for leg-in angle bending

Position of rolls referenced on SIEMENS TOUCH SCREEN TP 177B, 0.2 mm accurate

Controls actuated via remote free-standing console

Optional equipment:

Rolls for round tubes, according to outside diameter

Traction tooling for bending wide flange beams (HEA/HEB) on edge complete with one set of special rolls and one set of pulling rolls for all sizes of beams hydraulically adjustable

Compression tooling for bending channel on edge complete with one pressure roll for channel hydraulically adjustable O Pressure roll for channel

More optional equipment and special controls are available upon request.