Flanging and dishing line

Hydraulic Dishing Press model PRI is a hydraulic machine with power hydro-mechanic group equipped with small flat for the assembling of the dies.

PRI’s main feature is the total reliability even with particularly difficult productive cycles.

The main features of this press by fixed piston are:

  • The structures of the basement, of the shoulders and of the traverse, manufactured in electro-welded plates, are thermally treated for the stress relieving of the welding.
  • Our engineers studied the dimensioning of structures in order to support the highest stresses without having any structural alteration.
  • The controls and all drives, reduced to the essential ones, are a single mobile control panel.
  • The simple structure allows a very simple transport and installation.


  • Entirely hydraulic machine;
  • Punch holding top unit on the main working cylinder;
  • Die holding lower component complete with T slots to fix the dies;
  • Hydraulic compulsion cylinder for rapid approaching;
  • Hydraulic cylinder guided by supports;
  • N° 2 translation speeds for the hydraulic cylinder, fast-slow, pre-selected from the control panel;
  • N° 1 manometer to show the working pressure;
  • All the controls are located on hanging mobile independent control panel;
  • Low voltage of the drives, 24VDC;
  • Hydraulic components Bosch-Rexroth, Vickers, Hydac or equivalent;
  • Electrical components are Siemens, Allen & Bradley, Omron or equivalent;
  • Safety protection rules and security devices consisting in emergency button, which stops immediately the machine;
  • Machine manufactured according to the “CE or CSA or UL” regulations (it’s depend from the country);
  • Instruction manual in your language.