Sertom realizes special machine on request

SERTOM’s experience, developed after many years of R&D and testing, and thanks to highly experienced engineers, gives us the chance to satisfy every customer request designing and engineering special custom made machines.

Some example of “Special machine”


Special plate roll machine for the SUPER-CORE bending with NC control, or for any corrugated plate or guard-rails bending.


This machine has been designed for the production of Silos starting from a coil. The machine can be customized with the cutting and welding system. This machine is not a simple vertical plate roll but a very complete machine, with in-feeding system for the coil (motorized), pre-bending rolls (to eliminate the spring back from the coil) and the asymmetrical plate roll to get the desired diameter. This Vertical System can be used in-door or with very simple accessories directly “on the field”.


The SERTOM hydraulic bevelling machine NEW C25 has been designed knowing how hard it is to work cold plates. The bevel is done by a motorized milling cutter that provide also motion to the plate. It’s completely hydraulic, and the size and weight are particularly reduced, due to the revolutionary system: a planetary gearbox and a hydraulic motor to set the rotation, controlled by a system that includes pump, valves and oil tank with a much reduced size. The main feature of this system allows rotating the machine 180° and keeping working on the bevel. This feature is very helpful in case of thick and heavy plates; it is much easier to rotate the new and small C25. The machine has 2 working speeds and it is able to realize bevels up to 30mm deep.