On the occasion of the visit of some important customers Sertom P.B. has tested our NEW bending machine DEA 3R 30-40 (available now on stock).

Machine mod. DEA 3R is a bending machine equipped with 3 rolls with variable pitch, the movement system is entirely hydraulic and it is designed with an upper roll, moving on vertical axis, while the lower rolls translate horizontally independently from each other.

Thanks to its experience in this field and to the support of specialized engineers and very well trained technicians, Sertom P.B. studied a bending machine that can guarantee some peculiar features:

• Sertom P.B. engineers designed the DEA 3R bending machine in such a way that increasing the centerline distance between the rolls, the bending machine provides maximum lever arm thrust.
• To improve the pre bending phase Sertom P.B. offers a bending machine with the possibility to align the lower roll under top roll that is the best geometry for pre-bending. In this way both rolls support each other.
• The centerline distance of the bottom rolls has a range that allows the operator to adjust accurately the bending machine geometry for each application. We are working to provide the best pre-bending and versatility of plate thicknesses.
• The project of the bending machine model DEA 3R with Variable Axis allows the lowest working height that guarantee low supplies for machine pits.
• DEA 3R machine is able to move on 3 axis, which allows the best and easiest production of conical shapes. Furthermore, acting each time as a 4 rolls machine or as a traditional 3 rolls where plate moves radially, Sertom P.B. 3 rolls machines move also on linear basis for an easier production of conical shapes.

In this video you can see how Sertom P.B. NEW 3 ROLLS BENDING MACHINE works with a sheet metal plate 20 mm thick.

If you want to see the bending machine at Sertom P.B. workshop in Collebeato or if you want to get more technical information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Sertom P.B. Srl