Sertom P.B. Srl designs, manufactures and installs machines for the sheet metal forming, plate bending machines, presses with manipulators, flanging machines, heavy metal structures and this production includes an extremely wide field of applications.

Being Sertom P.B. a company that can customize the machines according to customer needs, our production is aimed to different fields: manufacturers of tanks (general), vessel, buckets, heat-exchangers, reactors, boilers, silos, refrigerators, truck tanks, equipments for the water treatment, metal structures, turbine/wind tower and manufacturers in the petrochemical and nuclear fields.


Sertom P.B. plate roll mod. DEA 3R is a bending machine equipped with 3 rolls with variable pitch, motion system is completely hydraulic and is designed with an upper roll translating vertically, while lower rolls move horizontally independently from one another.

Sertom P.B. plate roll mod. DEA 3R, i.e. the models built for a big company in Greece, in particular a DEA 3R 30-30 and the bigger DEA 3R 30-80 are actually used for the production of reactors, , columns and towers, shells and tube heat exchangers, pressure vessels and drums, desalters, tanks.

In Italy one of Sertom P.B. bending machines mod. DEA 3R 15-30 has been sold to produce valves and switches, while the DEA 3R 30-25 in Egypt is employed at a huge shipyard.

Sertom P.B. plate roll mod. DEA 3R 60-40 PT with post bending machine is a counter reaction 3 rolls machine and works in a leading master distributor of stainless, aluminum and nickel alloy coils, sheets, plates, long products and tubes in Taiwan.


Sertom P.B. plate roll mod. DEA 4R is a sturdy and robust 4 rolls bending machine. Its design is widely employed by CNC Controls, indeed it is easy to load because the back roll can be used as a back-stop to square the material. This kind of machines are used for different applications, as for example Sertom P.B. DEA 4R 40-170 (sold in Poland) that works at full speed in the production of tanks (LPG, vertical, autoclave, tankers) steel jackets, coats drum, drums, bodies of drums, ball mills, galvanizing baths, boilers, crucibles, ladles, low-pressure part of gas turbine bodies, turbines, wind towers, anchoring rings, derivation of pumping channels and spiral channels.


Sertom P.B. flanging machines model BPF are designed for the production of edges on flat or crowned tank dishes with or without central hole. Our BPF 6000-32 operating in India is used to make One-piece heads, pressure vessels and power boilers. The widest range of shapes is available: spherical, torispherical, elliptical, etc. The flat heads i.e. flanged only within the proposed dimensional range are mainly used for the fabrication of ladles involved in metallurgical processes.


Basing on our experience in this field and to the support of our skilled engineers and very well trained technicians, Sertom P.B. can equip existing machines with special accessories as for example the supply of a COMPLETE FEEDING SYSTEM FOR WIND TOWERS in UK and two SIDE SUPPORTS for a 3 rolls bending machine in Germany. We can also provide assistance and revamping of old machineries and disassembling and reassembling of machines to be displaced to another site.


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