Since 1960 Sertom is one of the most renowned brands in the world of plate bending machines

In 1972 Sertom with its team of engineers designed the first hydraulic plate bending machine using an hydraulic parallelism, while, at that time, all the other machines in the rest of the world were mechanical. This important innovation with special valves changed plate bending machines sector.

In 1976 Sertom was the first company all over the world to study and invent a machine with 3 rolls with variable geometry. After the first Sertom prototype, due to the real great advantages that this geometry can give, Sertom decided to produce this machine and in 1978 it was shown for the first time all over the world at the EMO exhibition in Paris.
In 2001, Sertom projected, built and assembled the biggest Penstock of Italy for the production of electricity from the water. This is an example of how our know-how can be applied also to other different industrial sectors. Sertom P.B. Srl, together with its partner named C.I.F. Srl, was born in 2015 as a manufacturing division for bending and rolling machines, manipulators, flanging machines and hydraulic presses. Thanks to this partnership, Sertom P.B. Srl has been able to mix Sertom best know-how and experience with its employees, its technical resources and the quality of the products, with CIF s.r.l. 55 years of practice in the field of industrial structural steelwork.
Sertom P.B. Srl is an Italian enterprise that was founded in 2015 by CIF s.r.l. as a manufacturing division for bending machine, manipulator, flanging machines, hydraulic and angular presses. C.I.F. Srl has been established in the metal industry for over fifty years in the area of Brescia, Lombardy, Italy (3rd industrial pole in Europe). It was founded in 1964, and it is specialized mainly in the design and construction of completed and operative turnkey plants and machinery. It produces foundry machinery, for die and waste treatment, handling and transfer machines and stealwork equipment for the steel industry, and construction sector.

With the foundation of Sertom PB S.r.l., CIF had the opportunity to exploit the “sertom MM s.p.a.” presence in the national and international Market, and its Know-how, which was at the top of the Plate Bending machines world production. (with more than 5000 machines for the strain of sheet metal, and its employees, its technical resources and the quality of the product). Moreover, as CIF srl is an essential supplier for the construction of Plate bending machines, thanks to its founder, Sertom PB S.r.l. has the best control over the production of its machines, from the design to the assembly.