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Sertom PB

Via E. Mattei, 16, 25060 Collebeato BS

T. +39 030 251 1234

Foreign offices

Ruta Capitán Andrés Insfrán 1570 esq.
Lara Castro 2060 Luque
T. +595 21 647 883

    Customers service

    The goal of our assistance service is to support the customer during and after the warranty period, provide quick answers (within 12 hours of the request) and, if necessary, organize interventions to promptly resolve any type of problem. The advantage of our technical department is that it consults from time to time with our plumbing or electrical / electronic experts, depending on the nature of the problem to give an answer as precise as possible.

    ASSISTANCE H24 / 7 days a week +39 366 7180620

    ASSISTANCE H24 / 7 days a week + 39 3460982910

    Headquarter  T. +39 030 251 1234