Sertom P.B. partners

We strongly believe that unity is strength, which is why in our years of experience and production activity we have created a widespread network of collaborations. Today we boast a group of prestigious partners who give our company added value.

Main partners

One of our main partners is ENGINEERING SA, a multisectoral engineering company operating in different areas. From water and energy plants, to construction and trade, ENGINEERING SA boasts a team of professionals in various engineering sectors, professional associations with companies of all over the world and produce effective solutions for customers. ENGINEERING SA is today an advanced company, thanks to targeted development processes.

CIF SRL is a landmark in the industrial metal structure sector, it is a company specialized in the design and construction of complete ” turnkey ” plants and machinery. It manufactures systems for foundries, dies, steel mills, for the treatment and handling of waste, for the steel sector, transfer machines and for the construction sector. CIF srl provides certified metal structural up to an execution class 3. It has a laser and oxy-fuel cutting system, and offers accurate maintenance services for industrial plants.