The maximum commitment for the best result

To ensure the maximum efficiency of its products, Sertom P.B. dedicates a lot of time and effort to the constant technological updating of his company. Thanks to in-depth research and great flexibility in production processes, the work of our company is constantly evolving. Keeping up with the times and always finding new and innovative solutions, Sertom P.B. wants to create machinery that is not only customized, but also of excellent quality, using first choice materials, advanced components and latest generation technologies.

Principal collaborator of Sertom P.B. is C.I.F. srl, a reference company in the industrial metal sector. C.I.F. srl is a company specializing in the design and construction of complete "turnkey" plants and machinery. C.I.F. srl provides certified structural carpentry up to an execution class 3 for sheet metal bending machines made by Sertom. Thanks to this collaboration, Sertom P.B. has absolute control over the entire production of its machines, from design to assembly.