Our company history

Thanks to the meeting between C.I.F. srl and Sertom, Sertom P.B. srl was founded. From Sertom's experience in the production of sheet metal bending machines and the essential supply for the construction of the metal structure for C.I.F. srl, Sertom P.B. today it has absolute control over the production of its machines, from design to assembly. We manufacture machines that are functional, robust and capable of working at full capacity for up to forty years.


Sertom was born and became one of the most famous companies in the world for the production of plate bending machines.


Sertom designs the first hydraulic plate bending machine with hydraulic parallelism. With the innovation of special valves, the bending machine sector is completely revolutionized. Until then, all machines were purely mechanical.


Sertom is the first company in the world to study and invent a machine with 3 variable geometry rollers.


Sertom starts producing the machine invented in 1976. Thanks to the variable geometry, the functional and production advantages are so remarkable that the machine is presented all over the world at the EMO fair in Paris.


Sertom designs, builds and assembles the largest pressure tunnel for a hydroelectric plant in Italy.


Sertom P.B. is born, a fusion of Sertom’s sixty years of experience, technical resources and quality products, and 55 years of practice in the field of metal structure for industrial construction by C.I.F. srl. Sertom P.B. was founded as a manufacturing division for bending machines, Rolling machines, manipulators, flanging machines, hydraulic and angular presses.