Since 1960, manufacturing professionals

Sertom P.B. designs, manufactures and installs machines for bending sheet metal, rolling machines, presses with manipulators, flanging machines, profile benders and special machines. The strength of our company lies behind the great quality of our machines and the attention to our customers, to whom we offer a dedicated after-sales service even after the warranty period.

Reliability, innovation and versatility are our main features, which make us a company capable of responding to the needs of any customer. We target in particular the wind and petrochemical sectors, producers of tanks, heat exchangers, shipyards and infrastructures.


Who we are

A specialized company, a team of professionals and quality production. With more than sixty years of experience, Sertom P.B. is a manufacturing company that manufactures customized machinery to meet specific needs with efficiency and commitment. From design to implementation, we find the best approach to achieve amazing results.

Mission and vision

The satisfaction of our customers comes first. Starting from their needs, we offer customized design, production and after-sales services to create a solid and continuous professional relationship. Thanks to our expertise, we are able to respond to any request carefully and quickly.


Through constant technological and training updating, Sertom P.B. is a company capable of producing unique and efficient machinery, guaranteed by professional certifications. Each phase of our production is guaranteed at the highest level and supported by the latest production technologies and constantly updated machinery.


Our team of professionals, prepared and available. An exceptional team that makes the production of Sertom P.B. qualitatively excellent and technologically advanced. A group of technicians, in constant training and professional growth, capable of supporting any customer.


Collaboration is a must of our production. Thanks to the years of activity we have been able to create many profitable professional relationships that add strength to our company. Cooperations that give life to a dynamic and effective production, ensuring quality and resistance.

Why choose us

Today, all machine builders are concerned with designing ever lighter and consequently weaker machines. But Sertom P.B. remains firmly convinced that a machine must be heavy to better absorb vibrations and stresses.

Our Plate bending machines are designed and built to work up to 40 years. They weigh 30% more than those of the competitors and are internally reinforced. The robustness of the cylinders, the cylinder shaft in one forged piece, the hydraulic blocks, the pipes of equal length, the hydraulic system with two motors and the centralized lubrication system are all elements that make our machines unique pieces, solid and durable.

For the realization of our Plate bending machines we use only top quality materials and all the components we assemble are made by companies of primary importance, to allow each customer to replace any key element with convenience and speed.

  • We use SKF or FAG for bearings
  • We use BOSCH-REXROTH or HYDAC components for hydraulic pumps, valves and all hydraulic items
  • We use SIEMENS or ABB for electric motors and switchboard components
  • We use SKF for the lubrication pump, the central unit and the cylinder gaskets
  • The PCL is SIEMENS, as is the 12 inch display

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