Our specialty: plate rolling machine

Our production of specific machinery. Made with precision and top quality materials. The weight of our products is for guaranteed durability and solidity. The geometry of our plate rolling machines is innovative and to reduce waste and production times.

Plate bending machines

3 rolls plate bending machine

Versatile and efficient, the DEA 3R Plate roll Machine is a 3-rolls hydraulic machine with variable geometry and full pre - bending.

4 rolls plate bending machine

The DEA 4R is an extremely plate rolling machine. Its main feature is the movement of the side rollers on straight guides.

Small thickness Plate Bending Machine (3RS & 4RS)

DEA 3RS and DEA 4RS are plate roll machines technologically advanced, high efficiency, made with resistant and top quality materials.

Preloaded plate rolls

A complete plant for the production of metal pipes, created around an innovative preloaded plate rolls machine.