The production of machine tools by Sertom P.B.

To meet the needs of all our customers, we design and manufacture machinery such as flanging machines, manipulators, hydraulic presses, angle rolls and special machines. A catalog dedicated to the most specific professional realities.

Other Machines

Hydraulic Flanging Machine

The BPF model, designed for the production of dished heads flat or rounded bottoms with or without a central hole. A fully hydraulic machine, with forming rollers of different radius.


A hydraulic machine for translation and rotation movements. The manipulator is an auxiliary machine that interfaces with the press for the production of dished heads.

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic machine equipped with a hydro-mechanical unit and with a base for assembling the molds. Withstands maximum stress without structural alterations.

Angle rolls

Hydraulic angle rolls designed for bending profiles and tubes. It differs from traditional angle rolls due to its revolutionary geometry.

Corrugate sheet Plate Bending Machine

The corrugated sheet Plate Bending Machine is designed to bend SUPER-CORE sheet metal or any type of corrugated sheet or guard rail with NC control.

Straightening Press

A machine suitable for straightening, bending and cambering of large sheets. Its main feature is absolute reliability even in the presence of extremely heavy production cycles.

Vertical Plate rolling Machine

A machine designed for the production of silos starting from a coils, customizable with the cutting and welding system.

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