Hydraulic Flanging Machine


Sertom P.B. flanging and dishing line

The BPF flanging machine, designed by our company, allows the production of dished heads flat or rounded with or without a central hole. The machine controls are reduced to a minimum in a mobile control panel, which can be easily used by the operator.



Standard equipment

  • Hydraulic or hybrid motorization for the rotation of the forming rolls
  • Rolls with oscillating guides adjustable in height to adapt to the bottom
  • Mobile trolley for dished head drive cylinder
  • Hydraulic upper cylinder for clamping the dished head
  • Telescopic metal protections for the lower trolley
  • Digital indicators for the position of the bottom trolley
  • Automatic centralized lubrication with preselectable cycles from the control panel
  • All controls placed on an independent control console
  • Illuminated work area
  • Safety device with immediate stop of all movements, consisting of a mushroom-head stop button
  • Machine certified according to “CE or CSA or UL” standards
  • Instruction manual in the language of the country of destination, complete with hydraulic and electrical diagrams, drawings of the foundations and all the equipment necessary for the installation of the machine
  • SIEMENS KTP 1200 PN Touch Panel operating panel, with 12 ″ color display. By changing the screen it is possible to view on the display: the position of the rollers and all the functions of the machine.
  • Cooling system for hydraulic oil

Application sectors


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