A continuous and fruitful professional relationship

The attention and care of its customers are the main objectives of our company. To ensure a complete service, we offer dedicated and tailor-made assistance for every type of need. Our sales network relies on a specialized technical relationship trained in company so that we can support our customers even after the purchase of our products.

We respond promptly and quickly to any type of urgency, guaranteeing a complete maintenance and after-sales service on our machinery.

Our assistance service is added to our production competence and the quality of our products, making Sertom P.B. an efficient company able to build always profitable professional relationships. From the arrival of the request, we are committed to providing the best possible advice, so as to create optimal solutions for the needs of our customers.


ASSISTANCE H24 / 7 days a week +39 366 7180620

ASSISTANCE H24 / 7 days a week + 39 3460982910

Headquarter  T. +39 030 251 1234